Six inexpensive ways to add instant curb appeal

Buyer's first impressions are crucial

Many individuals interested in selling their homes are already aware that curb appeal is crucial. Making a good impression on potential buyers before they even step inside will assure that your property is memorable, but more importantly, making a bad impression will hinder your chances of selling your home—regardless of how charming it is inside. The following tips will allow you to amp up your curb appeal without breaking the bank.

Many homeowners who are trying to sell think that increasing their curb appeal has to be a pricey affair involving landscapers or a new front porch. But there are a great deal of small, inexpensive things you can do for the outside of your home that will make the overall appearance much more appealing. We would suggest these simple do-it-yourself projects, all of which will take less than one afternoon, and cost a couple hundred dollars -- or less!

Flower Boxes. Putting flower boxes under your windows will give your home a pop of color and increase the overall charm factor of your property. All it takes is the boxes themselves—which are usually under $35—some soil, and plants. Not interested in flower boxes? A few potted plants lining your porch, steps or walkway will do the trick as well.

Repaint Your Accents. Repainting the accents of your home -- including the front door, trim and shutters -- will give your house a fresh, clean look. Choosing a bold color will make your house stick out, but even playing it safe with a neutral tone will make your property appear clean and well cared for.

Replace Your Numbers. Many houses have old, faded or rusted numbers. Buying new, modern numbers (or even customized numeral plaques) can really help the look of the front of your house. This is a small detail that is often overlooked but can have a really nice effect.

Plant a Garden. Planting a small flower garden in the front of your house will give your home a warm, inviting look. Foliage adds instant curb appeal. If you don’t want to tend to flowers, consider planting a tree.

Detailing. Adding interesting details, such as a bird feeder or birdbath, will improve the appeal of your front yard. Inexpensive stepping stones trailed throughout a garden or up to the front door are also attractive touches.

Mailbox Makeover. Getting an upgraded or customized mailbox adds great detailing to the front of your house. Whether you opt for a mounted box on the side of your home or a curbside container, having a mailbox that stands out is a nice touch.

There are many different low-budget options for bolstering your curb appeal. Doing so will immediately make your home more inviting, assure a great first impression and enable a faster selling time. Feel free to contact us via the form on this page with any other questions you may have about selling your house.


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